3 Technologies That Can Help Prevent Car Accidents

3 Technologies That Can Help Prevent Car Accidents

As technology advances, more and more systems are being developed to reduce the risk of getting into a car accident. While no system is perfect, using these systems will improve your safety. Here are a few technologies to look out for when choosing a car to buy or lease.


Backup Cameras

Most new cars have backup cameras, which are cameras that give you a live camera view of what’s behind your car when backing up. This reduces the risk of getting into an accident because of a blind spot. A lot of old models, though, don’t have this feature. By May 2018, however, all new cars will have to install these cameras.

Lane Departure Warning and Assist

A lane departure warning system uses a special camera to find out when you’re veering out of the lane and will alert you when that happens. Some systems also include a lane keep and assist feature, which uses techniques to automatically prevent your car from going off the lane. However, this system isn’t foolproof — it won’t help when the lane lines are faded out or covered in snow, so you still have to keep your own vigil.

Blind Spot Detection Warning

Blind spot detection warning systems alert you when a car is in your blind spot. Special cameras look out for what’s going on in those areas. This can help prevent an accident, and many new cars come pre-installed with this system.

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