7 Inspiring Tedx Stories

7 Inspiring Tedx Stories

“Empowered Self”

Learnings and empowerment; belief and positivity; determination and perseverance are not lessons limited to a management student or a depressed being but to every human who rekindles his/ her vision to move out of the daily rut and strives to feel as well live free.

Through my session today at one of the TEDx conferences, I, as a youth, have understood some very basic yet transformational lessons from speakers who belonged to completely different fields yet had some of the most common suggestions, practices and stories from their own lives that thoroughly described their journey from pain to passion to power  and hence achieving their respective roads to success; their visualized dreams that they turned into reality.

The lessons that I have learned from today’s session which surely should work for each and every youth who has a dream in mind, who wishes to empower herself and the world around:


Vipul Ujjwal, IAS Officer of 2009 batch of Punjab Cadre

Question yourself. Introspect within quite often. What you presently think are your wings to success, are they really so or mere dead weights over you. Move out of your comfort zone, move out of the room with all your luxuries in life and that’s where the first step towards hard work starts when you give up on the comforts of life and not on your dreams. If you get a trigger that something is not right, change the direction rather than dumping yourself more and more into the dark phase of intentional failure. Once you realize you have gained a certain amount of success in life, do not let that stage be your stagnation point. Keep moving, keep peddling. Success building has infinite floors. As they say, the sky is the limit or maybe nowadays not even that. Do not preserve the light within you. Be the lighthouse for the universe. Educate. Enlighten. Empower others. That shall be your real success in life.

Preeti Mann, Social Anthropologist

If you are stuck and truly want a solution, think to the core of it and come up with the most sustainable solution. Forever keep striving to remind yourself that anybody and a somebody was one day a nobody and so can you, if today you are that nobody. So, keep moving ahead, one step after another.

Sonal Sehgal, Indian Actress

The only difference between a successful and not so successful person is lack of opportunity. If you realize you are not getting one create it for yourself. Believe in yourself and do not let anyone else define or judge whether a particular idea that you have is good or bad. It is you who makes the best or the worst.

Chetan Mahajan, Founder and Coach, Himalayan Writing Retreat

Let the infinite failures make you a better person. Let the fears change you into the bravest heart. When you see yourself in adversity don’t get bogged down but take that as a beginning to the next positive phase towards your success or passion in life. Do not wait for anything you are doing to one day get converted into the perfect version and then to be shared with the outside world. Be the simple and the original version of you and the world shall love it.

Mohit Dubey, CEO, Board Member, Carwale

Love stories are equivalent to start ups. Don’t doubt yourself from taking the first step else the opportunity shall be lost, your prospect soul mate might reach into someone else’s hands. So, trust your instinct and just go for it.

Subir Malik, Founder, Organist and Manager for the legendary rock band Parikrama

Manage your time in a way that you give yourself those couple of seconds to think through a problem and solve it rather than complaining and cribbing about it. Troubles, hurdles and problems come as mandates to life. It is upon you how you handle them.

Susan Vernon, Teacher, American Embassy School

Every episode of despair and further an acceptance of the failure gives you a bigger push to move on and do better in life. It urges you to convert the failure into a much powerful success. Put in your comments below if these learnings tickle you to know about these speaker’s hardship stories and I shall be more than glad to share those with you. They are definitely worth knowing.


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