A Leap To Discover Myself

A Leap To Discover Myself

Zindagi ek safar hai suhana…
yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana!

Doesn’t this sum up exactly what life is all about?

Isn’t life anything but an unplanned journey where we meet many wonderful people while traversing uncharted territory hoping to leave some mark on the way?

Well, at least that’s what I would like to believe it is! So in this journey of life, I aspire to make as many little travels of my own as possible to explore the past, experience the magic of the present and to create something meaningful of my future.

#safarnama is just some scribblings from my trips with friends

#Safarnama : Rishikesh

It was the bluest of blue that I had ever seen, ebbing and flowing with its own rhythm, against a serene green backdrop. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks was slowly being pushed into the background by my pounding heart. It was my turn now. Standing on the edge of the cliff, everything moved in slow motion. I had practiced it a million times in my head; the way I would leap out to freedom in all filminess with my hands stretched out and my hair flying in the wind. But now when my friends cheered me on, I froze. There was no other way to go. I had to or I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life. I just didn’t think for a moment and took my first step off the ground. That moment, that every frame of my life, still stays with me as an unexplainable feeling. It was a cocktail of fear, joy, thrill and unending happiness! 

That was me! All of 24, I was completely lost (I guess most of us are). I had quit my year-old job, was single, awkward, insecure and in complete need for validation from people. I had to move out to maintain sanity and luckily two of my childhood friends were up for the task. I can’t remember how we zeroed in on Rishikesh.

Probably because it was closer to Delhi and that is where one of my friends lived. So, two of us from Mumbai flew to Delhi. And the three of us took a bus to Rishikesh. We reached around noon when the day was drenched in heat. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure of our choice. But contrary to the general notion, first impressions aren’t always the best impression! Rishikesh was a beauty. Simple. Beautiful. Pure.

We did all the clichéd things. We stayed in a hostel (Zostel Rishikesh is amazing!), made friends with complete strangers, rode around in a scooty, ate to our hearts content, walked across the Laxman Jhulla a zillion time, floated our dreams and prayers in the form of a little diya in the Ganga, did a bit of Bum Bole (if you know what I mean) and last but not the least, river rafting! It was truly one of the best times I have ever had and it fed my soul like none other.

And that’s when the rendezvous with the cliff happened. There was this point on our rafting trail where we halted for some much-needed rest and were treated to piping hot chai and Maggi. Just next to that spot, was a cliff (not a very large one mind you), from where one could jump off straight into the arms of the holy Ganges. I knew I had to do it. Well, I had no choice either because I always went around telling people how I wanted to jump off a plane, so if I backed out here I would have to eat my words and how!

So, I stood in the line with excitement and an anxiety of a beautiful kind, the one I had replaced with all the negativities and frustration of my work and other people in my life. When I did take off for my first jump, it set me free in a way I cannot put to words in.

I knew I had to take that chance, I had to lift my feet off the ground for my spirit to fly (and my heart went straight to my mouth! but nevertheless). In life, we need to take our chances, don’t we? You may be really scared but if it’s what you wished to do at any point in your life, just go ahead and do it, my friend. It may be a new job, a new relationship or a new city but we all have just one life, why spend it with regret! 

P.S.  when you do jump straight into the water from that height, your bum gets whacked by the cold waters! But well it gets better with every jump, so just do it!


Featured image: The fair go


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Well written maluse. Such a pleasure to read through. Looking forward for more write ups from you. All the best. xx

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