Anjali: Finding Love And Overcoming Challenges

Anjali: Finding Love And Overcoming Challenges

The movie Anjali, released in the year 1990, is way behind our times but it does have a strong message to parents and children; it is time we revisit the movie. Directed by the maestro himself, Mani Ratnam, starring the ultimate talents; Raghuvaran as Shekhar, Revathi as Chitra, Master Tarun as Arjun, Baby Shruti Vijaykumar as Anu, Prabhu as the ex-convict and Baby Shamili as the lead role Anjali. The film won three National Film Awards and it was also chosen as India’s official entry to the Oscars in 1991.

The movie is about Anjali who is abandoned by her father, after he finds out that she is mentally challenged. She is estranged from her parents for a long time until, circumstances reunite them and her father is forced to come out and reveal the truth to his wife who was kept in the dark. The film then deals with how Anjali wins everyone and how she gets the respect she deserves from her family and people.

Anjali is one of the most underrated films due to its strong content and a message that deserves to be heard. Our country has made film powerful medium and a popular art form, and Anjali serves as a voice for the disabled.

It is imperative from the parents part to develop a firm yet passionate relationship with their children and a strong family’s foundation is built on mutual respect and love. The chemistry between Raghuvaran and Revathy worked well and as the audience, we are right there with them. Each and every character has depth and their relationship stood out as a result of that. The film had also projected the children as very brave. The children as narrated in the movie with Arjun, in particular, stood up against crimes and also were very bold. Arjun took good care of his sister Anu and later of his ill sister Anjali.

It also teaches harmony among kids. Many times we adults feel it is a crime to allow children to mingle with other kids of locality/society, the film busts the notion and highlights the perks of socializing more. Children can teach you more life lessons which privileged adults cannot yet comprehend. Every parent needs to understand it.

Shekhar thought his wife will not be in a position to handle stress but that resulted in unnecessary dispute which could have been avoided. Shekhar’s candidness could have avoided the mess. God challenges the strongest yet the willpower to handle the challenge is given to the same. Which is what we could learn from Anjali and her relationship to everyone around her. In the end, she gets support from the one who is least expected to stand up for her, let alone speak up.

Last but not the least understand the impact of a healthy relationship and the importance of parenting. Shekar and Revati proved to be inspiring parents and also lived in harmony. They had a scuffle but they settled that issue. Any issue can be resolved amicably.

I close this essay with the lines where there is love there is home.

Give a home to a child, give a proper childhood and be happy.

This film can serve as an inspiration as well as a lesson to all. So go ahead, watch with your family.

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Rimli Bhattacharya is an engineer and MBA based out of Mumbai, India. Her Anthology on Mental illness “Book of Light” was published with speaking tiger publications. She writes for several magazines and is a trained Indian Classical dancer. She tweets @rimli76


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