Happiness For Me Is… Being My Own Best Friend.

Happiness For Me Is… Being My Own Best Friend.

People talk so much about relationships. Friendship is supposed to be one of the strongest healing factors in one’s life.

I beg to differ since my journey through all these years has been a strange roller coaster and those who supposedly could hold me, rather let me fall and stumble, time and again and the experiences have been just unstoppable.

Hey! But I have killed them now. (just kidding)


I am not a perfect human being, but I am a perfect introvert who has lived her life with umpteen restrictions, constraints and protective walls. Carrying forward with all my positives and negatives in life there have been a handful of friends (I can count them on my fingers) whom I have trusted in spite of distances, circumstances and so on.

I soon realized that the place where I went looking for some peace and comfort wasn’t where I would actually find it. It takes me a lot of time to trust people with my emotions, secrets and hidden desires. Yet, my friends never accepted me for who I am. And now, I don’t want to live in a bubble of illusion which makes me see my friends in an optimistic light.

Was I ever at fault? If I was, then my friends never spoke to me about. I was always too small, too weak, not fashionable enough to fit into their lives.

I now realize how wrong it was to see myself in such a light. Today, I thank my friends for helping me discover who I truly am. I am my own best friend and spending time with myself gives me immense pleasure. Wink wink!

Life’s lessons are the same for everyone, the way they come to you might be slightly different. I am taking a break from friendships, in your case, it could be a relationship or a marriage. I have no regrets about letting some people leave my life. They came for a reason, made me a better and wiser person and then moved on to the next part of their life’s journey. As I have done with my own life.


My advice would also be to make the strongest connection with yourself. I am still getting to know myself. Stop being a victim of dysfunctional relationships. Sometimes, the one to hold you is you.

Learn. Live. Laugh. Love. Magic shall continue to happen.


Disclaimer: the article was published on youth ki awaaz


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