Little Things That Make You Happy

Little Things That Make You Happy

Little” is something that represents something small in amount. Sometimes, little things can create powerful results, including happiness. In the ongoing journey of life filled with stress and challenges, we all wait for a dramatic change that makes our life different and thrilling. Our brains are programmed to focus on the negative scenarios by default. We tend to drool on the one negative thing amidst a hundred positives. It fuels the fire in us and thus; the resulting rank of India as one of the countries way below the Happiness index.

What do we lack?

What can we do about it?

We have all focused on the term money can’t buy happiness. Well, maybe… maybe not.

But little things in life can. Taking our minds off and giving attention to the same will result in the growth of serotonin levels. Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything at all, it just comes to you and you focus on that. These are little things that could make you happy.


1. Smell of a newly purchased book.


Every bibliophile identifies with this feeling. You get this essence from a freshly printed book which sort of lures you into the world you are reading about. The chemical compounds in the book making along with the paper give out the perfect odor. Even if a person doesn’t finish the book, this smell will give a sense of happiness.

2. A nice cup of Coffee, Early morning


You wake up early in the morning and realize that you have a lot of work to do later on. The thought might turn you off but then, there is a hot cup of coffee to cheer you up. Better brewed… tastes good…and it is healthy.

3. Drinking cool water after tiresome workingout


This is the best water, I have ever tasted

Dre Parker, from the movie Karate kid (2010) utters this after immersing himself in the dragon well as he is dying for a glass of water. He had been climbing the stairs leading to the temple and is worn out. Well, the dialogue itself says it. Water tastes the best when you drink it after a heavy workout. The feeling of the liquid going down your throat and the coolness of your tongue gives a sense of satisfaction. Working out requires a lot of physical strain and time. But the resulting increase in endorphin levels is worth it.

4. Eating your favorite chocolate


Everyone loves chocolate. It is a proven fact that chocolates increase the happiness hormone Serotonin. So it takes a bite, you will feel better.

5. Looking at beautiful designs


People like to admire beautifully. You will find beauty in creativity. Doodling your book during free-time plays the trick. One of the factors that attract a reader is a beautiful cover.

6. The smell of the Forest or Garden after a heavy rain


Water tastes the best when you are thirsty. The earth smells the best after a heavy rain. It takes you with it and you must experience this essence of nature. Take some time off your phone and work. Go out. Hold a cup of coffee when you do so.

7. Laughing with a friend over silly matters


I watched this episode from Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon where Fallon and actor Bradley Cooper got into a fit of giggles and they couldn’t control their laughter for ten minutes. It is unintentionally the best moment of the show and their laugh uplifted the atmosphere of the whole room. Moments like this with the friends are the best where you could laugh over silly matters but have that experience inside out. A good laugh will not only make you feel better but it will improve your physical health.

8. Finding change in your purse that you didn’t know you had


Just when you think you are broke, you find them shining in your pockets. *enough said*

9. Smiling at a baby and when he or she smiles back


Who wouldn’t love to hang out with a baby?

10. Cuddling in a fresh blanket in an air conditioned room


This is a very cooling yet warm experience. 😀


Let the little events in your life lift your spirit. 😀

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