Magical Journey Of J.K Rowling

Magical Journey Of J.K Rowling

Ring a bell?


Joanne Kathleen Rowling, born on 31st July, brought to life a character, who shared her birthday and went on to become a global brand worth billions. What turned out to be a pop cultural phenomenon that is still dwelling in the hearts and minds of people, was just some words written on a few pieces of paper inside this woman’s suitcase. There was a time when she was poor and the magical world we witnessed on-screen was just her imagination. She was no stranger to hardship and pain. She faced rejections and failure. Her mother passed away and she was estranged from her father. Darkness was a constant companion and we know it inspired her to create one of the most horrifying characters. Finding her passion for writing, she wrote stories and books as a child. People made fun of her for constantly daydreaming.

One of the biggest rejections she faced is when she couldn’t qualify for Oxford and we are raised in a culture where bad students or inability to get an education from a reputed college is a frustration. Joanne also became a victim of domestic violence and mental health issues. In her late twenties, she was diagnosed with clinical depression and even considered killing herself. After separating from her abusive husband, followed by a string of intimidation, restraining order and absconding, Joanne had nothing to provide for her baby daughter. She had to depend on welfare. Above all, she had to get back up. She did it the minute she sat before her old typewriter and a well-polished idea. The idea developed into a plot and then, one by one, characters found their voice in her story.

Joanne finished her book and entered the second phase of failure in the form of rejection letters. Can you imagine? Amidst all this Joanne did the one thing, that is not giving up.

She spent time in cafes and rooms in order to finish her book and to take care of her daughter. Finally, she got a publisher. In her own words, Joanne revealed that many echoed discouraging words. “You will not make money through a children’s book” she was told. Her life did reflect that it is not easy to be a woman in a male-dominated field. Her publisher insisted that she used her initials so that her name will look gender neutral (or could be assumed as male) as it will attract the male audience.


However, eventually, the world had to accept that she is a woman of substance riding the wonders of success when her book not only became a blockbuster which spawned 6 sequels, Harry Potter became a pop culture phenomenon with people wanting to be part of Rowling’s wizarding world. Harry Potter was adapted onto big screen leading to 8 blockbuster films and a theme park which gave away merchandise. Joanne created a whole new world through her work.


Success follows persistence which in turn is fueled by determination and passion. Joanne wanted to make a difference and once upon a time she went from a woman who was just one of the commuters in a train to a woman who has face printed on the sides of the train. She went from a woman who had to go after publishers to a woman who had publishers come after her. Above all, she was once a woman who tries to stand on her feet and feed her daughter. She turned her life around with her dreams.

Today Joanne is J.K Rowling, author, philanthropist, producer, and screenwriter. Her work earned her billions and is probably richer than the Queen of England. After supporting multiple charities and schemes, she launched her own charity named Lumos. J.K Rowling inspired a lot of writers to do their best and her work have influenced many authors. Every bibliophile loves Harry Potter.

So her story reflects the one true message that we should all be following, which is not to give up and to believe in oneself. Talents will earn one their place and for us, the best provider is our own dreams.

Believe in yourself… never give up. 

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