My Bucket List For Happiness

My Bucket List For Happiness

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There is no path to Happiness, Happiness is the path – The Buddha

Understanding Happiness

As Buddha pointed out happiness is the path so do I say happiness is a matter of choice. To make life simpler all we can do is to be happy irrespective of what our circumstances may look like. We meet with various challenges each passing day. Some may be happy some may not. What we can do is to control our thoughts. We are bound to come across negative thoughts but let us tap our inner wisdom and cultivate the happy thoughts and let go of the unhappy ones.

By constantly focusing on positive and happy thoughts we are gradually breaking ourselves from being a slave of our mental demons. We refuse to lose our freedom to the drudgery of the negative self.

Power of Affirmations

Happiness begins with positive affirmations. Watch your thoughts closely. The moment you feel like saying ‘I cannot do this’, ‘I am going to fail’, ‘I could not accomplish my day’s goals’ and a lot more replace them with positive assertions.  It is a general trend that people clutter their minds with negative thoughts concerning situations and happening in their life. Though we do not have a control on our misfortunes but we have a control to change that mishap to a positive situation by the power of averment. Says success consciousness that our mind accepts as true what we keep saying. It attracts corresponding events and situations into our life. So why not choose only positive statements, in order to get positive results and be happy?

 Happiness for me is:-

1. To change my outlook. There may be a drawback in the situation but let that not drown me. I look at the bright side of the situation no matter how much my brain might tempt me to look at the negative side.


2. When I do not find any solution to a problem, I sleep over it. If there is no solution probably it wasn’t a problem at all.

3. I retort listening to music. It is a soul curry.


4. I dance to happiness. My mind may say not to dance as I might have had a tough day but I overcome the challenge of my mind by the power of my thoughts. I take baby steps but I dance.

5. I read something which I like. It may be a repeat that does not matter as long as it makes me happy.

6. When times are trying and am tempted to look back at what I haven’t achieved, I focus on how far I have reached overcoming my obstacles.


7. I keep a check on my thought. The moment my mind wavers to something negative I reprimand my mind and focus on the positivity.

8. A small act of kindness makes me happy. I am kind, gentle and compassionate. I can win billion hearts by my kindness and that makes me happy.


9. I indulge in an activity which makes me happy. Reading a book, meeting an old acquaintance, going to a movie or just a saunter makes me happy.

10. I am not jealous of anyone who is happy. I am happy for their happiness. I learn the secret of happiness from them for I know happiness is contagious.

11. I stay away from people who had hurt me in the past. I detach myself from all negative elements. I keep in mind the incident which had made me unhappy in the past can never make me happy in the future. Better to steer clear of unnecessary drama and jeopardize mental happiness of the circumstances which I am well aware of. I will never allow any toxic person to snatch my happiness. If that calls for being alone I am ready for it.


12. I smile more, cry less. I listen more, speak less.

13. I dwell in the moment. I let go of the past and do not think of the future. Neither can I change my past not do I have a control on future so why worry.

14. I take care of my best friend that is myself and then take care of others. That makes me happy.


Rimli Bhattacharya is an engineer and MBA based out of Mumbai, India. Her Anthology on Mental illness “Book of Light” was published with speaking tiger publications. She writes for several magazines and is a trained Indian Classical dancer. She tweets @rimli76


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