My Week Song

My Week Song

Sunday is a holiday and I will sleep the whole day,

I will not touch the books and give them to the chooks.

Monday I won’t go to school,

Mummy says “That isn’t cool”.

Tuesday I will develop chickenpox,

I will go with mummy and plant the phlox.

Wednesday I will get swollen tonsils,

I will wear my goggle and pluck the tendrils

Thursday I will get my toes sprained,

My skin will be blue and also blained.

Friday my voice will be puny,

I will wear that skirt which is plumy.

Saturday I will go to school,

As it will be no study but playing by the pool.

Then hurray it is again Sunday,

I will again sleep the whole day.

I wrote this song and posted on my wall,

And I went out to play with my ball.

I was playing near the Pelagic,

When the waves told me go learn the magic.

I need to study as I am a good child,

I looked at the waves and smiled,

Mummy and Daddy love me loads,

I will bring them very good scores.

I love my mummy and I love my daddy,

It is for them I will study.

But mummy said otherwise,

“Study and play, which is how you will get wise”.

Now I will bring a lot of prizes,

I promise I will touch the open sky.

My friends, please learn this song,

And all of us will sing along.

Featured image: Abbott India

Rimli Bhattacharya is an engineer and MBA based out of Mumbai, India. Her Anthology on Mental illness “Book of Light” was published with speaking tiger publications. She writes for several magazines and is a trained Indian Classical dancer. She tweets @rimli76


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Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar
Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

Very sweet poem, Rimli. Worth learning and singing along.

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