One Pot One Shot : Meal In Minutes

One Pot One Shot : Meal In Minutes

One pot one shot: South Indian’s love for pressure cooker to use

Pressure Cookers: Most commonly used to make lentils, rice, and sometimes vegetables. With the new age appliances coming up, this humble vessel was on its way out. Mr. B Ramakrishnan developed “One Pot One Shot” or the OPOS way of cooking. This is a revolutionary method of cooking wherein you can use scientific techniques to eat homemade gourmet meals in minutes! 🙂

In Mr. Ramakrishnan’s words, “OPOS is the simplest cooking technique on earth. It uses One pot and all cooking is done in One Shot. No steps, sequences or supervision required. OPOS seeks to unchain you from the stove, make cooking drudgery free and empower anyone to cook confidently.”

This way of cooking is a boon as now we can spend more time actually enjoying the food that we eat than we spend cooking it. Once you master the basics, you would be equipped to create the 6-minute butter chicken or the 10-minute thali! Those who have started cooking with this technique, now have only one complaint…what to do with all the other vessels that are no longer in use? 😀

Since the cooking happens inside a closed pot with a minimum of water, the food gets cooked in its own juices. This results in tastier and healthier options for almost all your meals.

This is a wholesome cooking methodology, so along with the normal recipes, you can even make essentials like Ghee, Paneer, Pastes, etc. Since these are freshly cooked and homemade, the taste is far superior to the store bought one. This wave of cooking started from the facebook group “United By Food” which has then branched off to “OPOS School” and the “OPOS Support Group”, the former has strict rules for admission while the later is for everyone.

Check out this video. 

Since this is a technique that has scientific roots, just like any other science it is of utmost importance to learn the basics first before attempting advanced recipes as seen on Facebook or various blogs like anyonecankoch or food n moi. You can find these basic techniques on the Youtube channel “OPOS Chef”. It is important to go step by step and not rush through these steps. Some of the recipes that people rave about are the Rajmah Masala, Butter Chicken, South Indian Thali, Mysore Pak, Pasta, Dulce de Leche, and much more!

Personally, I got introduced to this group a few months ago when I was looking for ways to reduce cooking time. With full-time office, I did not want to resort to eating out nor did I want to come back and work in the kitchen. Now, thanks to this technique and a little advance preparation, if I come home at 8, I would be done with the dinner by 8:30 on most days!

If this has spiked your interest, a detailed ebook has just been launched on Amazon, it is called, OPOS – 5 Minute Magic: Cook Free! The reason that it is called “5 Minute Magic” is that majority of dishes can be cooked for 5 minutes.

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