The Power Of Happiness

The Power Of Happiness

One day happiness knocked my door,
I opened my door and said –
“I want you more”.
Happiness said –
“I come every now and then
You will find me very often”.

I know I need to be happy always,
That is how I can call myself truly blessed.
Happiness is a mysterious high,
It makes the young laugh and the old cry.

Be happy each hour,
For happiness has in it the power,
It transmutes sorrow into joy,
It excites every ploy.

Happiness show you peace of mind,
Your face glows and you tend to be kind.
Foster happiness and make it last,
Forget the glum of the past.

Rise above your sorrow,
Adieu the past and welcome tomorrow.
Never let the circus frighten you,
Nor let anyone torment you.

Close your door to angriness,
And you will find in you the divine happiness.

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Rimli Bhattacharya is an engineer and MBA based out of Mumbai, India. Her Anthology on Mental illness “Book of Light” was published with speaking tiger publications. She writes for several magazines and is a trained Indian Classical dancer. She tweets @rimli76


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