Those Little Things That Could Make You Happy :)

Those Little Things That Could Make You Happy :)

Read our article : Little things that could make you happy. 🙂 

Feeling low today? Here is a tip, there are things that could lift your mood within seconds and it is fascinating when you think about it. They can be a design on a bottle to the sound of the wind. These little things could make a great difference and put a smile on your face. 🙂

What are those little things that make you happy? Here are some examples.

1. Driving while there is no traffic

Living in Cochin, I know how annoying it is when you are stuck in traffic. It just sucks the life and patience out of you, especially if you are late for class or for a meeting. Now, with the metro rail construction, the traffic is something we have to anticipate. However, at times I enjoy driving when there is no traffic. There is a feeling that all love.


2. Listening to your favorite song.

When you are traveling via a public transport and they are playing a list of songs. You get this uplifting feel when they play your favorite song. 🙂 Whenever you are feeling moody, try listening to your favorite song or a song that makes you feel good.


3. Getting an e-mail or message that has nothing to do with bills.



Oh, a message from a friend saying, “I miss you” 🙂 backed by a feeling of relief.


4. Reading your favorite book

Sit down with your book and a cup of coffee.


5. Watching your favorite movie

Maybe reading takes time and patience but you need not want to watch a movie. No matter what your profession or interest is… you always like to watch a movie. If it is your favorite Rom-com then it could add laughter to the day.


6. Getting support or appreciation

Appreciation increases productivity. Receiving the same is the best feeling in the world.


7. Appreciating someone and seeing the happy look on their face

Always give the same to people. Use words like, “great job”, “good”, “well done” when someone does a work which makes you happy.


8. Watching full moon

Celestial bodies have a way of touching the soul. The bright stars surrounding add sprinkles to the white cake.


9. Holding hands with someone you love

This pic says it all.

10. Eating your favorite snack

Food tastes the best when you eat it while hungry and when you are with friends.


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