Udaan: A Movie About Overcoming Obstacles

Udaan: A Movie About Overcoming Obstacles

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents – Jane D.Hull

Udaan (Flight) was released in the year 2010, produced by Sanjay Singh, Anurag Kashyap
Ronnie Screwvala and directed by 
Vikramaditya Motwane. It was a low budget movie yet it gave an important message on overcoming obstacles and good parenting. Without much ado let us take a look at the film.

Rohan, a seventeen-year-old teenager, along with his three more friends, gets expelled for some mischief from a reputed boarding school in Shimla. He and his three friends Vikram, Maninder, and Benoy caught their warden red-handed while he was watching an adult movie, off the school campus. Rohan returns to his home at Jamshedpur to a stony-faced, abusive and a tosspot father who never visited Rohan when he was at the boarding school. He returns home to find Arjun, a six-year-old half-brother about whom his father never spoke. Rohan’s father Bhairav is very abusive and ruthlessly forces his ambitions on him; from making him work at his factory to putting him engineering college against his wishes to be a writer. Bhairav always made a mockery out of Rohan’s dreams and doesn’t miss a chance to abuse his children.

Rohan’s kind Uncle Jimmy, on the other hand, plays the role of a good parent, who supports Rohan and his decision and even asks Bhairav to hand him Arjun so that he can take good care of him. Bhairav spares no opportunity to mock Jimmy as well.  The uninterested Rohan willfully fails in the exam so that his father can give up on him and he can pursue his passion to be a writer. That’s how his father’s abuse took a toll on him. Rohan’s life changes over time when he finds out that his father had beaten his brother to an extent that he had to be hospitalized and then lied about it. Then later, very much to Rohan’s horror, the father declared that for one more time that he is getting married. Also spouts his verdict that Rohan should stop his studies and be a full-time worker at his factory. Arjun also gets an adjudication that he too will be packed off to a boarding school as Bhairav will be settling with a third woman who even has a daughter. This decision of his father was the turning point of Rohan’s life.

Rohan decides to break free from his father’s abusive shackles and takes his brother in as well. He even accentuates that he will take care of Arjun and asks his father to stay away from them. Rohan becomes the parent Arjun deserves.

So why am I suddenly writing on this movie? I am certainly not going to review the same as the movie had already been appreciated globally though it didn’t do well commercially. However, as a mother myself, I cried watching this movie and there are certain lessons I would like to share with the society:

Do not ever give a child a broken home. Bhairav; Rohan and Arjun’s father is depicted as an abusive, alcoholic and a womanizer. He himself did not have moral values and was a callous man of questionable character and here he is trying to teach and punish his children into submission. In the entire movie, not for a single time, Bhairav showed his love for that six-year-old Arjun. There were several times that little boy slept in the car and Bhairav just walked away. Yet, Rohan did the better role as a parent. Couples are coerced into having kids, whether they are ready or not but bringing a child into an abusive environment is a rueful thing to do.

Uncle Jimmy though couldn’t be a father but was a sympathetic man. What I learned from him is that you don’t have to give birth to be a good parent. Hopefully, this movie will show the need to shower love and support for those who truly need it. 

To all those people who ache for a child but can’t have please go ahead for adoption and give an orphan a home. It is always a joy to bear your own blood but it will be a double joy to give a home to a homeless orphan. And, women deserve better than to live and tolerate someone. She should be someone loves her for her spiritual soul. Try to know your partner as much as you could. Still, if you slip into harm, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you get back up.

Being a parent is a blessing. Indeed I felt happy when Rohan, unable to bear the atrocities, stood up for himself and his brother and left broken home behind. Rohan possesses his uncle humanity as opposed to the abuse inflicted on him by his father.

Each child should be allowed to follow his or her dreams. Rohan wanted to be a writer and he was really good at writing but his father wanted him to be an engineer. To all parents, it is imperative to step aside to allow the child to make decisions in that regards. Do not impose your rules on them. Every child is an artist, don’t break them, make them. 

I conclude this essay by saying please revisit this movie as you will learn a lot from Rohan and Arjun. While you detest Bhairav’s cruelty, you will appreciate the humanitarian in Jimmy and Rohan’s friendship with Maninder. But moreover, you will be moved to see the courage in the minds of the young boys. They had no love in their life but they had wisdom. They can empower a child.  Also through Maninder, we learn that friendship is about being there when in trouble. We get a lot of friends when we are successful but real friends are those who are with you when the odds are against you. While you watch all the masala flicks and items numbers, films like Udaan leaves a great impression. I believe that the film is underrated and the movies like this should be brought to the limelight. 

So if you haven’t seen this film, you should. Go watch it and enjoy!

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Rimli Bhattacharya is an engineer and MBA based out of Mumbai, India. Her Anthology on Mental illness “Book of Light” was published with speaking tiger publications. She writes for several magazines and is a trained Indian Classical dancer. She tweets @rimli76


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