When Wonder Woman Became The Superhero We Need

When Wonder Woman Became The Superhero We Need

On June 2nd 2017, Patty Jenkins broke the glass ceiling with the success of Wonder woman. After Catwoman and Elektra became box office disasters, the idea of releasing another solo film for a female superhero was a matter of debate. It was established in a clear-cut way that the failures of the two films were due to the poor content and not because of the women they presented. Wonder woman not only showed how good contents will generate revenue but also on how they could celebrate a hero for the way he or she is. I have been following Wonder woman since 4th grade and had been craving for a solo film.

After watching a string of both Marvel and DC films, I had expected the same flavor from Wonder woman; destruction of infrastructure, excess CGI, objectification, superheroes winning by the skin of the teeth, and motivation. Patty Jenkins went beyond all of that and gave us the hero we need.

Diana Prince was raised in Amazon and since childhood, she showed interest to do combat roles. Against her mother’s will, she learned how to fight and eventually became a warrior. Fate crossed her life with that of Steve Trevor, a spy sent to trail the work of Dr Maru. After seeing and hearing about the war that’s killing innocent men, women, and children, Diana accentuates that god of war Ares is behind all that. Diana takes it upon herself to go to the war zone and kill Ares in order to stop the war. In her journey, she sees the horrors of war. From mutilated soldiers, animal cruelty, little kids orphaned, mothers fleeing with their kids, and the darkness caused by the dust.

Diana wants to help all of them. Their cries echoed reverberated in her mind. After entering the other side of no man’s land, she encounters a woman who stops her to tell how a village was enslaved by the German soldiers. Despite Steve’s protests, Diana takes it upon herself to cross the no man’s land to reach the village.

What we can learn from her heroism

This is someone who is not motivated by someone’s death. Batman was born from a young boy’s pain after losing his parents. Ben Parker’s advice on using great power for a great responsibility and subsequent failure from Peter’s end to save him, gave birth to spiderman. Each and every person in X men is the result of guilt and external motivation. Superman’s appeal died the minute he snapped Zod’s neck in the man of steel.

Here we have a hero, who rose from the hurdles and fought her way through the speeding bullets. This is someone who is not bulletproof. She knew that the absence of the shield will get her killed. Yet, she went ahead without hesitation. She was there shielding herself from the bullets, determined and courageous. Her passion is driven by one reason, that is to save people. That is the base of any superhero, people with extraordinary abilities who save those who don’t have the same. To help the vulnerable and to use themselves as a shield. Diana’s courage motivated Steve and his team who climbs up the ladder after seeing her take all the bullets. Their victory in terms of taking down the machine guns further motivates the other soldiers to cross and reach the other side.

A real hero doesn’t just take it all upon himself or herself but also pumps in the adrenaline and confidence to those around them. They are leaders who show direction. Diana is not on anyone’s side. She just decided to do what is right, which is save an entire village from slavery and starvation. At the same time, she wants to stop the consequences of war.  Director Patty Jenkins explains saying, “I kept saying it was only about her, it’s not about anybody else

The no man’s land scene is a pivotal moment in the film and a milestone to the superhero universe. Unlike, Captain America stopping a helicopter with his hands or the hulk punching a massive spaceship down, wonder woman  finally reminded us what a superhero has to be.


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